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Hello! I am an assistant professor of economics at the School of Management and Economics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shenzhen Finance Institute.

My main research fields are macroeconomics, development economics, and labor economics.

I teach introductory macroeconomics and development economics (both undergraduate).


Download my CV here.


Office: ZR511

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Working Papers


"Is Electricity a Weak Link in Development?" with Jonathan Colmer and David Lagakos [New draft coming soon!]

"Selection, Structural Transformation, and the Cost Disease of Services" [paper]

"The Role of Micro Data in Understanding Structural Transformation" with David Lagakos  (forthcoming), Oxford Development Studies, Special Issue on Structural Transformation [paper] [working paper]

"Possibility of Consumer Inspection and Quality of Experience Goods" with Yuk-fai Fong and Xiaoxuan Meng [paper]

Work in Progress


"Occupational Dynasties and Economic Development" with Siddharth George and David Lagakos


"Selection, Structural Transformation, and Top Income Inequality"

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